RSL shows some heart

Anyone with even a hint of a heart would have been touched by what happened at Rio Tinto Stadium on Friday. Jonah Gomez, a six-year-old with sickle-cell disease — incidentally, a disease that the treatment is a bone marrow transplant, the same cure that could help Andy Williams wife Marcia, but like Marcia, the family hasn’t been able to find a donor that is a match — was granted his wish today from the Make-A-Wish foundation. A HUGE (at six, Gomez is small for his age, so stature is certainly not what we are talking about here) RSL fan, his wish was a chance to get on the Rio Tinto playing field and meet with RSL’s Kyle Beckerman. The two got a chance to knock a ball around together, talk and meet some of the other players. Gomez also got a chance to meet with singer David Archuletta, but to be honest, he pretty much blew off the pop star to get back on the pitch. Decked out in full RSL gear, Gomez and his family were brought to the stadium by limo and it was pretty amazing to just watch the pure joy on the youngsters face. And judging by his pretty spectacular ball control, perhaps with a little training and finding a matching donor, Gomez could again be playing in Rio Tinto.

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