Checketts says owners have a "strike" contingency plan

Real Salt Lake owner Dave Checketts met with four other Major League Soccer owners and MLS commissioner Don Garber in Los Angeles today to discuss the current situation regarding negotiations with the MLS Players Union.

The players have announced that they will go on strike on Monday, just three days before the start of the season, if a new collective bargaining agreement isn’t signed.

Checketts discussed the matter with the Deseret News in the last hour, and here are a few of his comments.

“I just came from a meeting with several owners and the commissioner down here in Los Angeles, and we know exactly what we’ll do. These are all owners who’ve been in the NBA, they’ve been in the NHL, some of them own Major League Baseball teams even today. We know what we’ll do. We have a plan if the players strike,” said Checketts.

“I just hope the players understand the implication of the threats they’re making to strike because if they do in fact go on strike, then that forces the owners to do something very aggressive and very different.”

Checketts didn’t elaborate on what the owners’ contingency plan is.

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