More Q & A with Beckerman

For Sunday’s 5 Questions feature in the Deseret News I caught up with Kyle Beckerman about some random topics related to Real Salt Lake. Here are a few leftover answers from Beckerman from that interview

Thursday’s performance might’ve been your best of the season for Real Salt Lake, were you extra motivated because of the circumstance?

“I just try and come out and play hard every game. It was a big night for us. It was a team effort, we executed really well, made some mistakes but didn’t let it get to us. It’s tough in these games, it’s different than a regular season, you’re ending a team’s season or your season’s ending. There’s just something different about the game. I just went out and played hard, be sharp and try and set an example guys could read off of.”

Here are a few random tangents from Beckerman during the conversation.

“It was a difficult schedule this year we’re the only team to only have two games at home in a row, we didn’t have three in a row the whole year which is kind of weird to only have a homestand like that. Usually you get four games minimum and you can really make a run.”

“As you saw with Charlie (Davies) and Gooch (Onyewu), injuries happen, freak things happen, and the guys who are in form are gonna be up first in line for open spots. And I think Bob (Bradley) living in America, I think he watches MLS and he’s seen what’s going on, he knows who’s in form. It’s a big thing to go far (in the playoffs), it shows you are on a winning team and you know what that feels like.”

If you advance to the MLS Cup you qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League, are you excited about the prospects of that?

“Personally if we do qualify I wish we had a choice. I’d rather play in the Super Liga than the Champions League. I don’t really want to go to El Salvador on a Wednesday. I hear there’s more money in the SuperLiga for the team. Whatever, it will be fun and a good challenge. I’m excited we’re in the SuperLiga.”

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