Near sellout, Marcia Williams update, U-18s fall

In anticipation of what it expects will be another sell out, Real Salt Lake has added an additional 210 seats to Saturday night’s 8 o’clock game with Colorado. The flexibility exists because of the temporary stage at the south end of Rio Tinto Stadium, which has reduced the max capacity of the stadium by several hundred.

Two weeks ago against Kansas City the attendance at Rio Tinto Stadium was 19,340, a sell out for that particular week. Without the stage, the actual capacity of Rio Tinto Stadium is 20,008.


The wife of RSL midfielder Andy Williams sent the following update to the media relations staff on Friday.

“Here is the update on what is going on. We found 2 cord units for the transplant. One was found in Spain and the other one I’m not sure where it’s from. My treatment plan has followed three days of chemo, one day of rest, four days of total body radiation followed next day by the cord blood transplant. The treatment that I am receiving before the transplant is called conditioning — the purpose of these treatment, chemo and radiation is to wipe out my own cells including all cancer cells. I will then need the new babies stem cells to start producing new healthy ones. This is called engraftment. It will be a long road to recovery, but we are all praying for a cure.”

I know that from my interaction with Real Salt Lake fans, everyone continues to pray for Marcia Williams as well.


RSL’s U-18 team lost its final group game at the U-18 Club World Cup in Madrid on Friday to Rayo Vallecano 1-0. RSL finished the game with a 0-2-1 record, but missed out on becoming the first MLS team to advance out of group play in the tournament.

The lone goal in the match was scored in the 76th minute.

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