Whose was better?

There was an immediate buzz following Clint Mathis’ wonder goal on Saturday night about it being a possible MLS Goal of the Year.

Perhaps no one knows better than Will Johnson about what it takes to win goal of the year. After all, is volley off the post against FC Dallas last year was voted the goal of the year. So after Saturday’s game, I asked him which goal was better.

“I had to flick it up to myself, his was on a plate. I’m going to have to give me the nod on that one,” joked Johnson afterward while being surrounded by reporters. He was quick though to give Mathis his due props. “Fantastic goal, right over the guy on the near post especially with his left foot. World class goal.”

When Mathis was asked if he thought his volley was goal of the year material, he said, “I think there’s going to be a lot of good goals this year.”

So which goal was better?

Here’s a clip of Clint Mathis’ goal on Saturday night.

Here’s a clip of Will Johnson’s goal last year against FC Dallas.

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