New England at RSL player grades

New England at Real Salt Lake Player Analysis

Each game this year Deseret News staff writers will grade individual performances from Real Salt Lake’s players using the following scale:

1 — Truly once-in-a-lifetime poor performance
2 — Horrifyingly bad
3 — Very poor
4 — Poor
5 — Below average
6 — Average
7 — Above average
8 — Outstanding
9 — Sensational
10 — Truly once-in-a-lifetime outstanding performance

Here are the grades for RSL’s starting 11 and substitutes:

Nick Rimando (7) – His first shutout of the season might be his easiest of the year as he only faced two shots on goal all night.
Chris Wingert (7) – Defended well, but was just as impressive supporting the attack by pushing up into what seemed like acres of open real estate.
Nat Borchers (7) – Applied good pressure to New England’s forwards never giving them space to be creative.
Jamison Olave (9) – Defended flawlessly, and scored the game’s first goal on a scintillating header.
Robbie Russell (7) – Had moments where he still seemed to be getting his feet under him, but he was a much more confident player this week pushing into the attack.
Kyle Beckerman (7) – He didn’t end up on the score sheet at all, but he was the link between the backline and RSL’s dominating attacking players.
Will Johnson (7) – Was solid as usual, but on a night when his teammates seemed to be pulling rabbits out of their hats left and right he was good but not great.
Clint Mathis (9) – By far his best game in an RSL uniform with a world class goal and an assist.
Javier Morales (8) – Was active in the midfield, but it was his dangerous corner kicks that led to RSL’s first two goals.
Robbie Findley (7) – Had another solid performance, and capped it off with his team-leading fourth goal in the 89th minute.
Yura Movsisyan (6) – Headed for another discouraging performance, Movsisyan finally scored his first goal of the season in the 70th minute.

Substitute grades:

Ned Grabavoy (7) – In the 22 minutes he was on the field RSL’s attack was at its best with four goals scored as he finished with one assist.
Luis Miguel Escalada (7) – As impressive as his goal was, his understanding of where to run to when Grabavoy had the ball was just as impressive.
Andy Williams (8) – Who needs to play 90 minutes? In just 16 minutes Williams recorded a goal and an assist.

There you have it, our grades from the New England match, but what do you think?

Note: we don’t usually give a team grade, but it’s safe to say that tonight was a 10 for RSL, a truly once-in-a-lifetime outstanding performance.

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