Beckerman's take on first month

I had an interesting chat with midfielder Kyle Beckerman after today’s training session. After shunning some questions about the team’s knack for giving up early goals, he started to open up on a topic that sheds some light on at least how he feels about the first month of the season.

New England is an opponent that seems to always find a way to get points even when it doesn’t play well, whereas Real Salt Lake often loses those types of games instead of salvaging a point. I asked Beckerman what RSL needs to do to bridge that gap, and here’s his answer in its entirety.

“You play bad and you get a result and you feel great about yourself, and you play pretty good, you lose and you feel crappy about yourself. It’s kind of a tough thing. What do you like? If you’re heading in the right direction you’d like to be playing good soccer, so sometimes results get in the way of that. I don’t know if it’s good, if it’s bad. We’re just trying to improve and keep becoming a better team. Some losses are going to come with that.”

“We go into every game feeling we can win, we want to win, we try and play our soccer every time no matter what. We don’t go into some places and sit back and try and play defensive because we’re on the road, we try and go play the same way we do when we’re here. It seems some teams are playing us at home and they’re changing the way they’re playing because they have to.”

“If that comes with some losses that’s going to happen, but we’re learning and we’re growing, and we’re improving. We’ll just keep doing that.”

Do you agree with Beckerman’s take, or would you like to see RSL approach things differently?

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