RSL vs. New York Red Bulls player grades

Real Salt Lake vs. New York

Each game this year Deseret News staff writers will grade individual performances from Real Salt Lake’s players using the following scale:

1 — Truly once-in-a-lifetime poor performance
2 — Horrifyingly bad
3 — Very poor
4 — Poor
5 — Below average
6 — Average
7 — Above average
8 — Outstanding
9 — Sensational
10 — Truly once-in-a-lifetime outstanding performance

Here are the grades for RSL’s starting 11 and substitutes:
Nick Rimando (6)’ Could he have done anything else on Wolyniec’s ball across besides just pushing it out to the middle? Who knows? But he was solid in making a couple of other saves.
Nat Borchers (6)’ Was solid in the back, and even had a couple of headers that were dangerous in the offense.
Jamison Olave (4)’ There was no reason to put the team in peril on a ball down the wing that resulted in Wolyniec taking the ball in unmarked. Stay in position and make the play.
Robbie Russell (5)’ He was relentless in the attack and created many dangerous chances and offensively he deserves a 7, but alas, he was the one trailing Van den Bergh when the ball went off Rimando and the Red Bull was all alone in front of the net.
Chris Wingert (7)’ Was tireless in making the runs up the wing to make RSL a dangerous attacking team.
Kyle Beckerman (7)’ Solid play in the middle. As a defensive mid, he was tremendous in keeping NY from ever creating anything from the midfield.
Will Johnson (6)’ Oh so close to tying it up as he slid in and hit the ball. Does this buy ever stop running?
Dema Kovalenko (6)’ He had the passion and kept his cool, which for Dema against NY is a big deal.
Javier Morales (6)’ Really got into the action the last 30 minutes and created chances, but was relatively quiet in the first 60 minutes.
Clint Mathis (6)’ Eventually you would think this guy would put one in the net, but it just never happened. He put in a lot of effort and hustled, but at some point, he has to score.
Yura Movsisyan (6)’ Had about three real quality chances to score. One, the keeper made a fingertip save. Ditto on the second, but the third he hit about 50,000 feet over the top. No Yura 90th-minute magic in this one.

Kenny Deuchar (6)’ Dr. Goals almost made it happen in the 95th minute with his head, but it was just over the top.
Robbie Findley (6)’ He created the shot that Johnson nearly followed up for the goal and looked dangerous on a couple of other runs.
Andy Williams (6)’ Nothing stands out either good or bad during his 18 minutes on the pitch.

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