Morales staying with Real

Javier Morales signed a contract extension through the 2012 season. I think this is terrific news for RSL fans. He is probably the most talented and exciting midfielder the team has ever had.
I saw some comments from the player grades against Chivas saying I was blaming Morales for all of RSL’s woes this season. In a way…I am. He is the cog that makes this clock tick. When he plays well, the team wins’ Period. When he isn’t on top of his game 100%, the team struggles. I don’t think any other player on the squad is as vital to the team getting a win or being handed a loss.
This isn’t a knock on Javi. I think he is a wonder player, and I just think he is that important for the team to be successful. In a way, it’s a compliment to him. Besides, with him sticking around, we people that enjoy Real get to have more episodes of the Kyle and Javi show.
What do you fans think of the extension?

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