Real vs. Chivas player grades

Each game this year Deseret News staff writers will grade individual performances from Real Salt Lake’s players using the following scale:

1 — Truly once-in-a-lifetime poor performance
2 — Horrifyingly bad
3 — Very poor
4 — Poor
5 — Below average
6 — Average
7 — Above average
8 — Outstanding
9 — Sensational
10 — Truly once-in-a-lifetime outstanding performance

Here are the grades for RSL’s starting 11 and substitutes:
Nick Rimando (4) – Ultimately, it is the keeper’s job to communicate on a ball coming toward him. The goal was simply a horrific example of that.
Nat Borchers (4) ‘ Like Rimando, the goal overshadowed what was otherwise a solid performance. The mistake was inexecuseable.
Jamison Olave (6) ‘ Steady at the back. This time, when Atiba Harris clipped his heels and he fell, he got the call.
Chris Wingert (6) ‘ Had a few good services into the box and played well at the back.
Ian Joy (6) ‘ See above. He, like Wingert, played solid and had some nice runs up the wings.
Andy Williams (6) ‘ He was tracking back pretty well and had a good game. He was obviously annoyed at being taken out in the 55th minute.
Kyle Beckerman (6) ‘ He appeared to have more energy and was all over the field in limiting the Chivas attack.
Will Johnson (6) ‘ Again showed his almost limitless work ethic as he was everywhere for a full 90 minutes.
Javier Morales (5) ‘ The playmaker showed some annoyingly inconsistent play. If he could just put together a full 90 minutes of brilliance like we’ve seen, RSL wouldn’t be in the situation it is to make the playoffs.
Yura Movsisyan (5) ‘ He created. He was exciting. He was fast, strong and energetic. But ultimately it is a forwards job to put the ball in the net and he blew a couple of chances that should have easily been put away.
Robbie Findley (5) ‘ His first touch was off again, giving away too many chances.

Clint Mathis (5) ‘ Inserted for a spark, it just never came. He took a couple of ill-advised shots that came nowhere near the net.
Kenny Deuchar (6) ‘ He was energetic and challenged a lot of balls in the air, but still, no goals for the good Dr.
Robbie Russell (6) ‘ Not too much to say about his short appearance. The team was pushing up and he sent the ball forward a few times.

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