Do streamers cross the line?

Fans of Toronto FC have taken streamers to a new level since the team joined Major League Soccer last year. Upwards of 50 to 100 streamers are tossed in the direction of a visiting player whenever he attempts to take a corner kick. Even though I admit it looks cool and adds to the atmosphere, I’m still shocked MLS puts up with such antics. They are enabling fans to have a direct impact on the match by throwing things at players. I liken it to NBA fans being able to throw streamers at players while they shoot free throws.

Surprisingly, despite incidents at Columbus a few weeks ago when fans chucked more than just streamers at players, MLS is not prepared to outlaw streamers just yet.

After reviewing the situation in Columbus, the league released the following press release on Friday:

1. MLS and its clubs will undertake a comprehensive review of security measures in each MLS facility to ensure that sufficient measures are taken to prevent fans from throwing objects from the stands at players or officials on the field.? Additionally, MLS teams and stadiums will fully communicate to all fans attending MLS games the League?s policy that spectators in breach will be ejected and prohibited from attending future games.
2. MLS has reviewed the increasingly coordinated use of streamers at some MLS stadiums to affect play, particularly as a distraction to visiting players as they attempt to take corner kicks. MLS teams will communicate to their supporter groups MLS?s existing policy ? that streamers are not to be used to impact on-field competition or thrown toward a player, referee or stadium staff member.? While the spontaneous use of streamers and confetti as an expression of fan enthusiasm will not be prohibited, the continued practice will be kept under review.? Should issues continue regarding the use of streamers, MLS will have no option but to prohibit streamers.?

What are your thoughts on the matter? Yeah or nay to streamers.

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