Tuesday tidbits

Here’s an injury update following Tuesday’s Real Salt Lake practice.

Ian Joy trained with the team at full strength and looks like he’ll be an option for this weekend. On a side note, at the very beginning of practice today as the team was jogging around the field, Joy stopped all his teammates for about 60 seconds to say something. I’m not sure what he said, and I didn’t have a chance to catch up with him after practice, but afterward several teammates went up and patted him on the head or hugged him as they resumed jogging. Knowing Joy’s personality, I gotta think he was apologizing for his performance and injury so far this season and vowed to get better.

As for the other injured, Javier Morales jogged around the field for most of practice, while Nate Sturgis just sat around and stretched his hamstring. Fabian Espindola was limited by his hamstring as well.


In other news, Dallas fired head coach Steve Morrow today which gives the Hoops even another reason to be fired up for RSL’s visit this Saturday. First, Dallas will be trying to avenge its loss to RSL two weeks ago. Secondly, it will in all likelihood have very spirited practices this week after falling to L.A. 5-1 over the weekend. And lastly, there’s nothing like a new coach to make players feel insecure in their spot on the team and therefore work even harder.

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