Stadium update

I swung by RSL’s Sandy stadium late Monday afternoon to get a quick update about the construction progress, and I thought I’d relay some information. I spoke with Elliott from Icon Construction and he informed me that the project is about 65 to 67 percent done. It’s been about a month since I’ve visited the stadium, and the progress is incredible.

All the pieces of the canvas overhang on the East side of the stadium have been installed, even though they still need to be tightened. The West side still has about six sections to be installed, but the ones that have been installed are tightened and 100 percent complete. Elliott informed me that the canvas naturally bleaches with sunlight, and it’s the same material used at Denver’s airport and BYU’s baseball stadium.

Construction crews will begin to install the infrastructure (drainage, etc.) for the playing surface beginning on May 5. They’ll begin to install the bracketing for the stadium seats on May 12. That process will take a while, but once the brackets are in place Elliott said about 400 seats can be installed per day. With about 20,000 seats, that will take about 50 days.

Another notable part of the construction progress is the concourse, and more specifically the concrete. Huge sections have already been poured, and another once should be poured this week. The West side facade is almost 100 percent finished, and the East side entry way is starting to take shape and looks very impressive.

Every day it’s looking more and more like a real stadium, and October can’t get here soon enough.

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