Talley owns up to miscues

Carey Talley did not play well in last Saturday’s game at Chivas USA, not even close. It might’ve been his worst 45 minutes ever. With that said, I think it’s fair to point out that Talley owned up to his mistakes after the match like a pro ‘ something that often times is lacking.

When Freddy Adu was with RSL and played poorly, he’d scoot out of the locker room as quickly as possible to avoid talking with reporters. Jeff Cunningham did so occasionally as well, but another time he blamed missing an easy goal on his teammate passing him the ball too hard. It was actually one of the funniest moments in RSL postgame history. The mercurial Cunningham was standing two yards from goal and all he had to do was stand there like a tree and it would’ve bounced in off of him. Instead he took a swing at the ball, and because he missed he blamed a teammate.

In the locker room after the Chivas match, Talley didn’t try and evade reporters knowing there was no way to sugar coat his four or five bad giveaways. He hung around the locker room and obliged my interview request. I’m sure he didn’t want to, but he didn’t chicken out.

‘Ball came to me, and it got stuck under me a few times. Instead of moving the ball out from under me on my first touch I stopped it and got caught a couple times. I felt when it did happen, I put myself on the hot seat there so I was the one that went back and tried to win the ball, and the majority of the time I was the one who ended up tackling from behind and winning it.’

‘I had a bad 45 minutes, big deal. Did I respond in the second half? Yeah, it couldn’t get any worse. Players lose balls and it happens. If he’d have taken me out (at halftime) I don’t know what the purpose was. We were still doing fine as a team. By no means is my confidence down.’

His confidence might not be down, but it will be interesting what direction coach Jason Kreis decides to go this weekend. After Saturday’s match I asked him about the disappointing performances of Talley and Robbie Findley, and he said, ‘I think there were a few players that were probably not quite as sharp as they can be, didn’t play up to their potential, but this is going to happen. This is one of the reasons we’re very happy to have a very deep roster,’ said Kreis.

Who do our readers think will start at holding midfield against D.C. United this Saturday? Or better yet, who ‘should’ start on Saturday?

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