Give him an Oscar

I’d like to officially nominate Andy Williams for at least an ESPY, and perhaps an Oscar, for his portrayal of Cuauhtemoc Blanco during Wednesday’s training session. During the team’s 20-or-so-minute 11 v 11 scrimmage at the end of practice, one player on the team emulating (oops for the earlier mistake) Chicago wore a yellow penny to let everyone know he was Blanco. During the first 10-or-so minutes Dema Kovalenko wore the jersey and did a good job of roaming all over the field. After mixing up his projected starting line-up slightly, Williams wore the yellow penny for the final 10 minutes. Let’s just say, he did outstanding job of embellishing both fouls and non-fouls, and of course sat on the field afterward each time and threw his arms up in the air in disgust at the imaginary referee. On several occassions you could hear a teammate from afar shouting either, “shut up Blanco” or “get up Blanco.” The scout-team drill was taken very seriously, but William decided to add a little fun into it.


Practice at Xango Field on Wednesday was very intense, with the team working quite a lot on possession, but also meaningful possession pushing forward into the offensive third.

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