Hobbling Beckerman, Indra's chances

SUNRISE, Fla. ‘ Kyle Beckerman is still strolling around in the walking cast on his right foot, but he shouldn’t be incapacitated too much longer.
He’s been in the cast for a week and four days, and when doctors originally recommended he wear the cast they told him it would be two weeks.
“I’m planning to get a couple practices in in here, but we’ll see what Jason (Kreis) has to say about that,” said Beckerman.
The problems occurred when he injured his foot in early February while training with the U.S. National Team. An X-ray and MRI showed no damage, so he joined his RSL teammates in California and began jogging lightly. It always seemed to hurt the next day, so doctors finally started to play it safe and put him in the boot.
“I just wasn’t letting it heal at all,” he said.
Knowing that, it’s unlikely Kreis will let him train until the team gets to Argentina late next week.


There’s been some inquiries made about Singapore striker Indra Sahdan Daud, and his chances of making the team. For obvious reasons, that’s information the coaches aren’t willing to divulge quite yet, but I’d be surprised if he made the team.
Part of the problem is his fitness. I know jet lag was a contributing factor in the first few days, but he still seems to be a bit behind the rest of RSL’s players. That’s something he could work his way into, but I personally just haven’t seen enough to believe the coaches will sign him to one of its remaining international roster spots.
His finishing has been good, but not great, and his strength is good, but not great. With three more scrimmages on tap for RSL during the rest of the week (Tuesday, Friday, Saturday) he’s got a few more chances to win a spot.
At only 5-foot-7 and 142 pounds, not to mention he’ll be 29 on opening day, the odds are stacked against him. This is just one sports writer’s opinion whose soccer glory days were achieved with FIFA 2000.


No new developments on the trade front yet.

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